Having worked in the wine industry, buying wine for large retailers worldwide, James Kendell and his wife Gail moved to Orange in 2006 to produce what we fondly refer to as our “apple wines”.

“The style of ciders we are making have been around for hundreds of years in Europe’ says James. ‘They are true, fermented wine styles that reflect the location and season and are made to go with food”.

The idea for Small Acres Cyder came from Gail (who is English) as she missed the styles of cider she enjoyed in the UK.

“We chose Orange as it was the second largest Apple growing region in Australia, plus we had also been coming out here to see friends regularly and found ourselves increasingly drawn to this part of the world”

James and Gail have an orchard at their home just outside of Orange, which is also the location of The Small Acres cellar door.

“We source all our Apples from within five kilometres of the cider house”

For those not in the know, ‘Cyder’ is the traditional Anglo-Saxon spelling of ‘cider’.

As with many small businesses, innovation is key to success and James has launched a new cider called ‘Sparkling Perry’ made from pears (another regional favourite), plus an ultra-premium cider dubbed ‘The Cats Pyjamas’.

 “Our sparkling Perry is produced using the traditional method champenoise process, making an easy drinking and refreshing food focused style.”

Small Acres Cyder is all about food. The ciders are matched with food in fabulous lunchtime feasts in the cider house, where pork and cider sausages and Normandy chicken pie (both made locally by talented craftsmen) are matched with the still and sparkling ciders in the Small Acres range.

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