Perched on the north-facing slopes of Mt Canobolas, overlooking over the Towac Valley, the Morganics Farm property is home to two-acres of organic garlic plus a range of organic vegetables and herbs.

“While we are slowly growing the range of products supplied from Morganics Farm, garlic is our true love and main focus,” says owner Libby Morgan.

“We began growing garlic 20 years ago with some bulbs purchased from a health food shop. These original bulbs still form the basis of our output. The first few harvests were small and our entire production was either consumed by our own family or given away to friends. Whenever we did the latter, their feedback was wonderful. Everyone raved about the flavour of our organic garlic in comparison to the bulbs they had been buying in the supermarket.

This positive feedback prompted us to keep increasing the number of rows we planted each year, and so Morganics Farm was born.”

The Morgan’s garlic is very much a labour of love.

“We are proud of its wonderful flavour and firmly believe in its many health benefits and medicinal properties; garlic is an anti-oxidant and plays a crucial role in the heart-healthy Mediterranean diet (which we try to follow).”

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