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  • Advertise in the four guides and with national distribution, your business exposed to a wide market
  • Be part of our national public relations campaign targeted to generate millions of dollars worth of publicity for our region in local, state and national publications, websites and social media
  • Promote your products/events on the website and related industry sites when appropriate
  • Have your events published on our online events calendar
  • Participate in regional marketing campaigns
  • Keep on top of the latest tourism and funding opportunities as well as the latest news , ideas, tips and techniques from all over NSW
  • Access to personalised professional advice from any of the staff at the Brand Orange office
  • Advertise your business/events via Brand Orange Social Media (Promotion on social media excludes two weeks prior and including F.O.O.D Week and Orange Wine Festival)
  • Advertise your business/events via the monthly Consumer enews

Orange Region Tourism membership is open to all businesses that have a positive connection with the Orange NSW region.

Member’s Responsibilities for all members:

Approvals, Insurances & Licences: It is the responsibility of members to have all necessary licences, insurance policies and statutory approvals required to operate their business in agreeance with any local, state and federal authorities and within the law.  Copies of these documents must be supplied to Orange Region Tourism.

Promotion (online and printed): As a member of Orange Region Tourism it is a requirement that you review your business listing on and to ensure it is up to date with accurate information by liaising with Orange Region Tourism if amendments are required.  Orange Region Tourism reserves the right to edit inaccurate or inappropriate information/images from these websites, or to remove a members listing from a website.  Orange Region Tourism accepts no liability for inaccurate information or inclusion on any of these websites.

Membership fees are non-refundable

Members Responsibilities Code of Conduct:

The Orange Region Tourism code of conduct outlines professional guidelines so the conduct of members will enhance the regions profile and contribute positively to the community, environment and quality of life.

By becoming a member you agree to be bound by the code of conduct and terms and conditions set below.

Orange Region Tourism members are expected to:

  1. It is the responsibility of the member to ensure all contact details are up to date and alternative contact arrangements are in place.
  2. Act professionally and with high levels of duty of care, safety and concern towards other members, customers and the local government areas of Orange, Cabonne and Blayney.
  3. Deliver with integrity, all advertised products and services, meeting all legal responsibilities including trading only under a registered business name
  4. Speak and act respectfully and not denigrate or slander anyone or discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religious belief, sexual orientation or political persuasion
  5. Comply with the laws of Australia and ensure all contracts and terms of business are clear, concise and honoured in full, ensuring all dealings are ethical and fair
  6. Ensure claims in advertising and marketing a product or service are true, not misleading or exaggerated and are not negative about another member’s product or service
  7. Manage their business effectively and efficiently, enhancing the reputation of tourism within the local government areas Orange, Cabonne, Blayney and to respond and resolve customer complaints in a timely and courteous manner and to change business processes and policies when necessary
  8. Operate a safe, healthy and satisfying working environment for staff, customers and the public
  9. Manage their staff/employees fairly and equitably.  Consider environmental best practice guidelines, conserving water, energy and the natural environment
  10. Membership  is subject to review and acceptance by the Board or their authorised agent
  11. Ambassadors for the Orange region and help promote community understanding of the importance of the Orange Region Tourism role as a vibrant contributor to the local economy
  12. Breaches of the Member’s Code of Conduct may result in suspension of membership and associated benefits including website listings and marketing support. Members have a right to address the Board should a breach be alleged against them.  It is understood that by submitting an application form you agree to follow the Member’s Responsibilities and the Members Code of Conduct
  13. It is compulsory that you agree to these terms and conditions when you purchase your Membership.  Membership and its benefits are not valid unless this is received.
The Orange Region Tourism code of conduct outlines professional guidelines so the conduct of Orange Region Tourism will enhance visitation, investment and opportunity and contribute positively to the community, environment and quality of life.
Orange Region Tourism  Responsibilities of Terms Supply of Services, Equipment and Facilities (here in referred to as activity)
  1. Orange Region Tourism will supply certain services, equipment and facilities for the participants/members use/benefit. The supply of such services, equipment and facilities (here by known as activity) will be at the discretion of Orange Region Tourism
  2. Services, equipment and facilities will be provided on an “as is” basis and the participant utilises such services, equipment and facilities at its own risk. Orange Region Tourism will not be liable for any loss or damage relating to or arising from the supply or use of such services, equipment or facilities.
  3. The participant acknowledges that Orange Region Tourism does not make any representation or give any warranty with respect to the activity, including the number of attendees or the success or profitability of the activity.
  4. The participant participates in the activity at its own risk.
  5. The participant acknowledges that Orange Region Tourism is not responsible for, and accepts no liability in relation to, the participant’s participation in the activity.
    Orange Regions Tourism’s  liability to you will be limited to the amount(s) paid by you in respect of any stall rental or fee paid.
  6. In no circumstances will Orange Region Tourism be liable to you for any indirect, incidental, special and/or consequential losses or damages (including loss of profits or opportunity) arising in connection with the activity.

In consideration of Orange Region Tourism permitting the participant in the activity, the participant indemnifies Orange Region Tourism and its related bodies corporate against any liabilities, losses, damages, outgoings, costs and expenses suffered or incurred by Orange Region Tourism, a related body corporate of Orange Region Tourism or any third party (including any activity attendee or participant) arising out of the participation of the member in the activity, including the operation of the Stall or the sale of any product at the Stall, any negligent act or omission of the participant or any of the participant’s representatives or any breach of the terms of this agreement by the participant.

Force Majeure
For the purpose of this clause, “Force Majeure” means an event or circumstance beyond the reasonable control of a party, including acts of God, war, rain, hail, fire, explosion, civil disobedience, legislation not in force at the date of this Agreement or labour disputes.
Neither party will be in breach of this agreement, and neither party will be liable to the other party, for any delay or failure to perform an obligation under this Agreement due to Force Majeure. Further, the participant acknowledges it is not entitled to any reimbursement in respect of any activity or circumstance that prevents or disrupts the activity, including inclement weather.