Join Orange Region Tourism as a Member for 2017/18

Membership is for 1 July, 2017 through to 30 June, 2018

Our goals and priorities for 2017/18
  • Destination marketing
  • Event development, marketing and promotion
  • Membership management
  • Develop industry support
  • Further development of digital marketing
  • Development of niche markets e.g. Health, Education, Conferences, Weddings
Our Vision
To lead the marketing and support the development of Orange, Cabonne and Blayney to become a vibrant, unique and progressive region to visit, live, grow, work and for the purpose of economic development.
Our Mission
Create partnerships and a model of collaboration to secure engagement between businesses and services, Councils and community bodies.  Deliver partnerships that enables engagement, initiation, communication and drive to achieve increased visitation, investment and opportunity whilst enhancing lifestyle.
What we do
One of the most important factors in the success of regional areas is brand strength and awareness in the marketplace – locally, nationally and internationally. Orange Region Tourism will promote a positive message, in conjunction with Members via:
  • Developing and promoting the brand ‘Orange’
  • Advertising and promotion of production and events
  • Generating generic media exposure
  • Industry development and communication
  • Visiting Journalist VIP Program (in conjunction with Destination NSW), bringing influential trade identities into the region and educating them about the Orange ‘offer’ across all the sectors
  • Delivering 4 out of region consumer showcases
  • Assisting with management and marketing of significant events such as Banjo Paterson Festival, F.O.O.D Week, Orange Apple Festival, Orange Wine Festival
  • Developing and maintaining a regional website, social media and app
  • Liasing with other regional associations and industry groups
  • Quarterly members forum
  • Development of printed and online tourism guides
Website, Social Media and App
Brand Orange has invested significantly into growing online, social media and our app.  This has resulted in the Brand Orange website receiving a monthly average of 11,000 unique users per month.
As at June 2017, Brand Orange has 9,670 followers on Facebook, 3329 followers on twitter, 5381 followers on Instagram. Brand Orange also uses Youtube and Pinterest.
By being a member of Brand Orange, you have an opportunity to be visible on our website, social media and app.
Industry Advocacy
Orange Region Tourism in conjunction with Orange City, Cabonne and Blayney Shire Councils, takes pride in representing the region, and its members in partnership with industry organsiations such as Central NSW Tourism, Destination NSW, Orange Business Chamber, NSW Wine, Wine Australia and Tourism Australia.  Members have the opportunity to raise issues and become part of the consultation process whenever possible to ensure the diversity of the Orange product is represented in all opportunities.
How you can get the most out of your membership?
  • Become an active member
  • Attend our regular meetings and forums
  • Share your ideas and expertise
  • Become a volunteer
  • Network with other members and build partnerships
  • Check all your information is on relevant websites and ensure regular updates
  • Post on the Member’s noticeboard on the Brand Orange website


Members Opportunities

  • Advertise in the four guides and with national distribution, your business exposed to a wide market
  • Be part of our national public relations campaign targeted to generate millions of dollars worth of publicity for our region in local, state and national publications, websites and social media
  • Promote your products/events on the website and related industry sites when appropriate
  • Have your events published on our online events calendar
  • Participate in regional marketing campaigns
  • Keep on top of the latest tourism and funding opportunities as well as the latest news , ideas, tips and techniques from all over NSW
  • Access to personalised professional advice from any of the staff at the Brand Orange office
  • Advertise your business/events via Social Media (Promotion on social media excludes two weeks prior and including F.O.O.D Week and Orange Wine Festival)
  • Advertise your business/events via Monthly Consumer enews

Make sure you read the Members Terms and Conditions and Code of Conduct

Membership Plans and Pricing 2017/18


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